Thursday, October 18, 2012

This morning we both got up a little late; Sister Gowans didn't sleep so well. When she doesn't sleep well, it takes a toll on both of us. After all the morning routine was done, Elder Gowans went and did a 30 minute run; this needs to happen more consistently. He figures he doesn't have to get right out of bed and dash to the gym, rather he can go after the morning routine is complete. This way he might be able to get more consistent in his workouts.

This afternoon we said goodbye to two of our members. One young fellow had been waiting for a bone in his foot to heal before he could pass his PT test. It took a while for him to build his abilities back up once his foot did heal. Yesterday, we received a text message from him saying he had finally passed his test. The army can be real efficient when it wants to be. They had him out of here in less than 24 hours. The other fellow is from the Utah National Guard. His wife and two children came out for the last 2 weeks of his training and graduation. Elder Gowans took them to the airport this afternoon. We had a real car full!

This evening we met with the children of a family whose parents are going through a real rough time currently. We had met with the parents a week ago. It is a big mess. We talked to the children about forgiveness, love, and other principles of the gospel that we thought they needed to understand. I think they all felt encouraged when we left. Elder Gowans promised them that if they would sincerely forgive their dad and express their love to him and ask him to repent and set his life straight, that it would go a long way to saving the family.

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