Sunday, October 14, 2012

This morning we were called by one of our missionaries asking if we could pick up two people to bring to church. Of course, we said, "Sure"! So we dashed out to get them. We arrived about 10 minutes before church. It gave us sometime to start handing out fliers that we had made up announcing our LDS FRG. (Family Readiness Group). It is a support group for all Military spouses both LDS and nonLDS who would like to participate.We received a lot of enthusiastic responses from many of our military families. We hope that many will come out and support this effort. We have 4 weeks to prepare for it. The planned date to organize it is the 10th of November.

After church Elder Gowans was asked to assist in giving 4 blessings, all to LDS military and family members.  We are thankful for their confidence in us.

After serviceman's group, we dashed out to North Augusta to meet with a couple whose marriage is in severe trouble. We told them that we are not professional councilors, however, with the Lord's help we would be able offer them some appropriate advise, council and wisdom from two who have been through much of what they have gone through too. 

Here is a photo from Saturday's baptism. 

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