Saturday, October 20, 2012

This past week we received 3 new AIT students who came in from Fort Jackson. This morning we attempted to find them. We were able to get a hold of one on the phone who was staying off base with his family. Since they had just arrived from Basic Training they were allowed a weekend pass to be with family. Another called us, believe it or not, and the last we have not as yet heard from. We were able to visit with one of our soldiers who always says he will come to church when we see him, but then never shows up. We felt more sincerity this time over past visits, so maybe he will show up. We were able to see several other students this morning, it is always nice to visit with them.

We had been struggling to meet with a family out in the Harlem area; we finally made it, our schedules finally came together. He is in the processes of being med boarded out of the Army. He will be given a medical retirement. The army is certainly more rough on their people and more strict on their medical conditions than the Air Force ever was. We don't know if we ever remember an airman being med boarded out of the Air Force.

This evening we finally were able to get together with the Anthony Family. He is one of our soldiers who was married about two weeks ago. Sister Gowans' dad performed the ceremony in the SLC temple. We had them over to eat dinner with us and with the Estep family, our Servicemen's Group Leader and his wife. We had a delightful time together.

Just as we concluded our dinner party, Elder Gowans was called upon to go and assist giving a blessing to a sister, this was the ninth blessing he has assisted in giving this week. We feel real good that people are becoming more aware of us and more trusting in our desire to serve them.

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