Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This morning we attended our District Development Meeting. The subject of training was the Gift of the Holy Ghost. We also all bore testimony as it was possibly the final DDM prior to our District Leader's departure for home. We had a very nice time together.

This afternoon we drove up to Irmo with Elder and Sister Berry to attend our Quarterly Senior Couples Conference. There we had the opportunity to address any questions or concerns that we might have. President Holm taught us that we should always try to bring with us a question that we would like an answer to when we attend church services, the temple and other meetings. That will give the Spirit an opportunity to answer our question through ecclesiastical leaders, speakers, and so forth. It just so happened that Elder Gowans had carried a question with him to the conference with the hope of being able to counsel with other Military Relations Missionaries and see if he could find an answer. So when President Holm asked us if there were any questions, he was able to voice his question. It spurred a real good conversation. The question was, "Sister Gowans and I have worked real diligently to meet every military family in the Stake. We are now approaching the end of our list of families; what will we do now to keep our evenings busy? We still plan on visiting and working with the less active and others, but what other work might we involve ourselves in to stay active?

In this photo you can see a small pumpkin filled with a fruit dip surrounded by apples. It was very yummy! Also, homemade wheat bread and bowls ready to be filled with a delicious stew, or a real tasty squash soup.
 Below are some of the other Senior Couples. The Wakefields in the the back with the Putnams on the left in the back and brother Benedict in the front.
 In this photo are Brother and Sister Towers, a new brother whose name is not remembered at the moment and Sister Holm.
 Below are the assistants to President Holm, Elders Israelson and Olsen and Elder and Sister Decker.
 The Wakefields, they were in the MTC the same time we were.

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