Friday, October 12, 2012

This evening in Institute, we studied the topic of Prayer from Either 1-5. Moroni recorded in his abridgment for us the brother of Jared's many prayers he offered for and in behalf his family and their friends and their families. It is one of only a handful of sources in all of scripture where we can find actual prayers and where we can go to learn how our own prayers should be. Proper prayers, prayers that are meaningful to our Father in Heaven, take work, they take thought and effort. If we don't feel like we have done some mental work after having offered a prayer, then we are probably not offering very effective prayers. Through the brother of Jared's prayers, we learn that prayers should be specific and bold yet humble, offered in complete faith, with thought, sincerity and real intent. We should admit our own failings, shortcomings, weaknesses, sins and other transgressions, and admit that we need God's power of forgiveness, mercy and compassion, just as Jared did. We should be generous in our gratitude for all our many wonderful blessings received at His hand, we should ask for help in remembering our blessings so that we never forget them. Finally, our prayers should be offered in accordance with the promptings of His Spirit, that they might always be uttered in accordance with His will. Father knows just what we need before we ever pray, He knows just how to bless us before we ask, but if we go on in our prayers contrary to His will, then we will not obtain what we really need and He cannot bless us with what He has ready for us.

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