Friday, October 26, 2012

Late this morning we picked up Sister Anthony from her tiny little room and took her for a ride downtown so she could escape the misery of being alone in a tiny hotel room. She has also been rather ill, so we hoped that a change in scenery would help. We found the boyhood home of Thomas Woodrow Wilson and took the tour together. He lived there for about ten years, from age 3 to 13. It was there he remembers the first time he heard the word war; it was when Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Interestingly enough, his neighbor was destined to become a supreme court justice.

This evening we went up to the post to gather whoever wanted to go and take them to the chili cook-off and trunk or treat at the Augusta building.  What a group of people! I would imagine that there were 200 people there this evening. Everyone had a great time. The sweet rolls were to die for! We ended up with 4 troops there, one nonmember. We had a real good time.

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