Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sister Gowans had an appointment up at the hospital this morning; while on the way there we received a phone call from our LDS chaplain who had received a phone call from a worried father about his son. His son has been on station for about 3 weeks or so and had suddenly come down with a very bad skin rash. We went up to see him and had to get him out of bed, poor fella. We had a nice visit with him wherein he explained what was going on. We called our LDS assistant chaplain and he assisted Elder Gowans in giving him a blessing. We then walked him back to his room and told him that we would see him in a couple of days, on Saturday when we make our weekly visit.

We met a Navy family this evening. He had just recently returned from a deployment back in mid August. From time-to-time, we find families who, like this one, had a deployed family member of whom we new nothing about and who we could have possibly been serving or helping out in some way. We had an enjoyable time, they even treated us to dinner.

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