Monday, October 22, 2012

This morning while serving for the Red Cross at the hospital, Elder Gowans had turned his back to the hall to get some hand sanitizer and when he turned back around there was Brother Halford standing by him with whom he serves in the servicemen's group. He said he was there with another church member who was in one of the recovery rooms recovering from a procedure he had just gone through. So we both walked over and visited for a few minutes. This brother, John, has only been a member for a year or so and he noticed that on his arm band its still showed his religious preference as Catholic. So he said, "I got to get that changed to Mormon"! Then the attending nurse hearing this said she had been raised by a Catholic Father and Baptist mother. So during the week she attend Catholic schools, but on the weekend she attended the Baptist church. She said she was very confused. Sister Gowans had a funny comment she read as she inputted patient comments. The patient commented wondering why they have to watch CNN TV while waiting in various areas in the hospital, they get tired of listening to Obama all the time.

This afternoon we visited with some friends for a while as she is trying to overcome some severe constipation and flu like symptoms. Then he told us of his sister who was undergoing severe difficulties too and wanted some advice from us as how he could maybe help her.

This evening we had a new AIT soldier who wanted to come to FHE, so we went and picked  him up and brought him. It just goes to show that if you want to come and plan for it, you can generally make it happen. I wish others would exercise that sort of faith!

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