Sunday, October 21, 2012

The day ended in a dash out to give a blessing to Amiee who was here with her husband, Marshall last night for dinner. No, we didn't poison her, but she is suffering from some sort of stomach flu, constipation and the sort. She did come to church today, but they only stayed for Sacrament meeting and then went home. It kind of reminds us of what Sister Gowans went through in Korea last January. It may simply be her body adjusting to a new and different environment, culture and diet.

We visited two families this evening. We had the pleasure of visiting an army dentist and his family; We believe he was the 3rd dentist we have visited. The second family is prior military, but he now works his same job as a contractor; he is contemplating reentering the army so as to enable him to get a military retirement. We enjoyed visiting both families. They were a lot of fun.

Prior to servicemen's group we picked up a member and his battle buddy at B-447. B is the company and the 447 is his battalion. This was his first Sunday with us. Then we went by and picked up an Brother whose battle buddy decided not to go to church. We had, we believe, our largest attendance at church since we've been here, 30 members, not to include the guest speakers.

Elder Gowans will be speaking next Sunday.

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