Saturday, November 17, 2012

As we do on all Saturday mornings, we headed up to the post to find 3 AIT students whose names we had received over the past couple of days. We found one of the young men; he is in the same company as 3 other LDS young men. We had a quick, but nice visit with him as he was on detail. We informed him of the others in his company and later informed one of them of his presence in the company. Hopefully they will all gather together tomorrow and come out. We found what companies the other two are in, but unfortunately, since they had just arrived the day before they were out touring the post. We left a card for them with our name and number on it so they could get in touch with us.

This evening we visited a family of 6 who we had met a couple of  months ago in church, but they haven't been back since. They were stuck living in a small hotel room for about two months while their house was being built, but now they are in their home, and it is a beautiful home. Their home cost $162,000, in Utah around us, it would be at least $250,000. We had a nice visit with them. After there we went by the home of one of our sisters whose husband is deployed, but she wasn't home; so we went to another sister's home whose husband is also gone and she and her 3 children were home, so we had a nice visit with them. It is nice when they say, "Your visit is just what we needed".

After church we have a linger-longer, where we all enjoy visiting each other.

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