Thursday, November 29, 2012

This evening we attended the Post Christmas Celebration. We took Elder and Sister Berry with us and had a very enjoyable time with them. We saw several of our member families there and had a chance to visit or simply say hi. We also ran into a soldier whose father served with Elder Gowans in the B-52 at Barksdale AFB. This Soldier was born the year previous to our departure from Barksdale. The celebration was outdoors on the field where the 4th of July party was held. They had several booths of homemade crafts, free food provided by local businesses and an hour of music by the army band and other local artists. Of course, Santa came at the conclusion of the festivities. After the festivities they lit a huge bonfire.

After we left we met the Anthony family at the bowling alley and had a fun game of bowling. Can you believe Sister Gowans won the match. She out scored us all. She must have been half asleep. Now she is in bed reveling in her sweet victory.

Here are some photos of the evening.

 Sisters Mack and Powers selling their homemade crafts
 Sister Walker
 The Walker girls
 Sister Berry and Sister Gowans visiting the reindeer.
 The penguins would pop up and down
 Oops, Santa's taking a bath.
 This was the candy tent. The sink and jars in the back ground are painted on the wall!
 The craft tents
 The stage
 The grandstands
 The bonfire

 Local talent singing
 A preschool choir
 The unlit tree
 Brother Walker about to sing
 The brigade commander
 The children's preschool choir
 The lit tree
 Brother Walker singing. He is a great vocalist.
 Mr. and Mrs. Clause

 The bonfire just getting started.
 Elder Berry
 The bonfire underway.
 Elder and Sister Berry
 The bonfire well underway.

 The surrounding area.
A group of AIT students in the bleachers.

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