Thursday, November 8, 2012

Today was our first trip out into the Waynesboro Ward. We learned of one military family in that ward, so we called and found out that he is retired from the Army, but now works as a contractor to the Army. He is also deployed to Afghanistan. He has been gone for 11 months and will return in 1 month. Sorry we are so late getting out to see you, but we had no idea, no one ever told us. To double the negitive, she forgot we were coming over and had left the house. Fortunately, a 16 year old daughter was at home, so she let us in and we had a nice visit with her. We told her to tell her mom that since she forgot we were coming that she owed us dinner! Ha Ha, she had a good chuckle over that.

This afternoon we took 3 of our military member's wives out for the afternoon. 2 of the 3 have no transportation, so they sit at home all day, day after day. So we picked them up and took them to the Morris Museum of Art, a museum dedicated to southern art and artists. See the photos below. Then we all took a walk down on the Savannah river walk. We had a nice time with them, but more importantly they had a nice time being together and getting out of their little apartments. They are all roughly the same age, about 21.

 This is a beautiful paining, unfortunately they do not know who painted it.

 Notice the grown up look about the eyes and features of these little boys.
 Mr. Morris of Morris Code fame. His wife is below.

                                                       A Magnolia
 The four ladies

 Laurel and Hardy car; however this is made of wood, 100%

 A beautiful fall tree.
 A ferry coming into dock.

 Huge homes across the river.

 The pink house
 The ferry leaving.
Sister Gowans, Sister Anthony, Sister Allred, Sister Baker

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