Sunday, November 11, 2012

Yesterday, when commenting on how long of a day today would be, I really had no idea how long. It is now 11:13pm. We arrived at the Stake Center for the Saints at War program, which Elder Gowans had been asked to take charge of and it ended up lasting until 8:30 pm. We had one fellow in the class who completely bore his soul out for an hour and a half. Obviously he is under much stress, worry and fear. It would be impossible for us to completely cover here in this blog the extent of all his concerns. We tired to help him focus on his faith in Christ and His Atonement and to lay his burdens at the feet of Christ and to move forward with faith. Hopefully, with the time he had to lay out all his concerns he learned something about himself and will learn to do as we counseled.

Since the Saints at War went so long, we were an hour late to our 8 o'clock appointment. We had another predeployment brief to give. The husband will be on his way in a month and the wife and children will go stay with family for the next several months and during that time she will give birth to their 3rd child. We had a real nice evening with them. She baked some real yummy cookies that we ate while we visited. It is now time to go to bed.

One more thing, our Servicemen's group was made into the Fort Gordon Servicemen's Branch today. Brother Estep, the group leader was called to be the Branch President.

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