Thursday, November 1, 2012

We finally had time today to work on our Institute lesson for tomorrow evening. Our tempo has been so high this week that it has been pushed later into the week than we like.

This afternoon we met with Brother and Sister Orr who have been instrumental in helping us organize this Family Resource Group for the sisters in our stake whose husbands are assigned to Fort Gordon. We feel now that we have a real good plan in place for this up coming organizational meeting that we will hold on the 10th.

This evening we met with an Air Force airman who is studying the gospel with the Elders. She is really awesome. She has been staying up nights into the wee hours of the morning reading and studying. She is already well into Alma. In fact she and Elder Nielson are racing to see who can get finished first. We also met with the Anthony Family. His punishment for not coming home when told, but rather staying in SLC and getting married was rather stiff. He was busted back in rank all the way to E-1, he was an E-4; extra duty every day of the week, so we will be on 12 hours and off 12 hours, then the weekends he works 8 hour shifts. He will begin getting his rank back in 45 days; one step at a time. We really feel bad for them. It is a real struggle for them right now. He earns about 1000 dollars a month that will have to pay the car payment, insurance, food, phone bill and so forth.

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