Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We met with two real fine families tonight. The first family, the Tracy family, we had met with before, however, we recently found out that he will deploy shortly in the future. So we went over to give him and his wife our predeployment briefing. We were also able to give her some suggestions on what to do about some health concerns as she is expecting a baby. They are one of those families whom we love to visit and always wish the best for them.

Then we met a new family, the Smith family. They live way out in the Martinez Ward. He is a physician in the ER. They have a sweet family. We had a real nice visit with them too and found out that they were very aware of the Military Relations Mission. Most of our families have not been very aware of our mission if at all.

This morning we resumed our inventorying of books at the library. We were doing the Reference Library Section until the computer stopped working. Then we went into the children's section and put the books back in order.

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