Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This morning we took our friend, Elder Clark, to transfer meeting. He was transferred to Greenville, SC. He will be a junior Zone Leader there. We will miss his diligence in doing the Lord's work. I'm sure, however, that Elder Oviatt and his new companion will keep the fire going. We stopped off at one of our favorite delis on the way home so we could all get a bite of lunch. So we have two new Elders serving in our District, it will be great to get to know and work with them. They are Elders Butler and Bagley.

This afternoon we attended the graduation of one of our AIT students, Sister Carlie Sousa. When she first arrived we received notice from her basic training base that she was arriving, so on the following Saturday we set out to find her. As we were walking through the barracks a young lady comes up to us and introduces herself, of course it was Carlie. We have grown to love this stalwart young lady. She has been such a pleasure getting to know and visit with. We love her and will miss her. Fortunately for us, she does not leave until next week, so we will have her for a few more days.

This evening we visited a young man who will deploy this next year. He is single and is not a motivated church goer. We encouraged him to use his time away to build himself spiritually and to take a good look at his life and build a sound structure on his foundation of Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for the mission we are called to serve. We have met many great families. We hope that we are doing some good. We love the Lord, we are thankful for his great atoning sacrifice that He has made for us that we might live if we repent, are faithful to our covenants and endure to the end of our lives in faithful service.

The following are some photos from Transfer day and of sister Sousa.

 Above and below, transfer dinner at the Berry's. Elders Clark, Oviatt and Schwartz. Sisters, Bell, Kophfel, Stimeli, and Roos.
 Below: Transfer Day
 Elder Clark

 Hmmm, how we going to get all this stuff in the car?

 Sister Sousa.

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