Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our LDS FRG (Family Resource Group) that we have been planning for quite sometime was held this evening. It was very successful in bringing together a few of the military sisters of the stake. We had a moderate turn out, but those who were there showed a lot of excitement and enthusiasm toward the ideas that were offered. Three sisters volunteered to take the leadership reigns. They will do real well. We will give them a lot of support and assistance. We look forward to the growth that will come and how it will provide support for all who wish to take advantage of this program.

This morning we held a baptism for Sister Westbrook; it was a delightfully spiritual experience. Elder Gowans was asked to conduct the baptismal at the last minute by a member of the Bishopric who was supposed to be there, but could not attend at the last minute. While waiting for Sister Westbrook and Elder Nielson to dress he called upon four brethren to bear their testimonies, which kept a strong spirit for the remainder of the service.

This morning we went out to the Post to continue to look for 3 soldiers who were investigating the church. We have not been able to locate them. However, we did find one young lady who committed to coming out to church tomorrow. We also spoke with one of our other soldiers who has faced some sore trials from home, which has affected his spirituality and hasn't been out to church at all since he has come to Fort Gordon. His wife and son will soon join him here as this will be their permanent duty station. We hope that once she comes out that her presence will inspire him to activity.

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