Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This evening we had a wonderful visit with our friends who we wrote about in our weekly letter last week. We discussed Moroni chapter 7 for nearly an hour and a half and then we gave them our predeployment briefing, which lasted about a half an hour. We could see the Spirit fill his mind and heart with answers and solutions to many of his concerns. We would read a passage or to and then we would ask what he thought and how that would help him. We discussed how we can be peaceable followers of Christ and walk peaceably with our fellowman and still go to war. We discussed how important it is for us to lay our problems at the feet of our Savior and then to move forward with faith. It turned out to be a blessed evening for all of us.

Afterward we went to dinner with some friends who both serve in the military, the Slack family. We love them and enjoy their company. We ate at a nice little Mexican Restaurant. Three of us ate Fajitas, and one who will go unnamed ate a cheesy burrito.
Tomorrow is another Transfer day. We will take up three missionaries and bring home four.

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