Thursday, November 15, 2012

This morning we took it easy to give Sister Gowans an opportunity to feel better. This afternoon we visited with the Estep family; he has been called to serve as our Branch President on Fort Gordon. Elder Gowans will be serving as his Executive Secretary. So they had a lot to talk about. Afterward, Elder Gowans went to help a family load up their moving van so they could put all their stuff in storage.

This evening we went out to Grovetown to meet a family we had met once before, but we were not able to get with the Husband; so we thought it was about time to go back out and try again. This time we were successful and had a nice visit with him.

 Standing at the front door and looking right you can see our spacious front room.
 Standing at the front door and looking left you can see our kitchen.
 Standing by the chair in the first photo, you can see our dining room.
 Looking straight ahead you can see our couch and front door.
Looking straight ahead from our front door you can see our hallway. Our bedroom is all the way back to the right; the hall bath is on the left. Our office is in the room just short of our bedroom.

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