Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sister Gowans continues to recover. She still continues to suffer some from nausea, swelling and pain. Her appetite is better in the morning than in the evening. Hopefully she will rest well tonight and feel better in the morning. She has her first visit to the physical therapist tomorrow.

We met another new troop, Brother Beck, at the Augusta ward today; he will be here for a period of two months and then return home. We have had several trainees come in over the past month. Currently, we must have 6 to 8 soldiers here TDY.

We had excellent meetings today at the Branch. Sisters Lonsberry and Arnett spoke today. They did real well. We also had another good turnout at church today. Brother Ned Bennet came out for the first time since he returned from deployment last fall. We were so happy to see him. Hopefully he is turning over a new leaf and will come out steadily.

This evening we had a real nice visit with the Johnsons and the Janssens. We continue to encourage the Johnsons to activity, hopefully someday they will make a firm committment to be active and faithful to their covenants. The Janssens are progressing real well. We gave them both a triple combination (Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price Combination) that we purchased at the book store near the Temple. We also dropped one off with Brother Sanders. We reviewed with the Janssens the restoration of the gospel.

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