Saturday, February 22, 2014

This morning, we were able to get back up to Post and look up our new students; we were very successful in finding Brothers Robinson and Call. They are both new to Fort Gordon and it was great to meet them. We also was able to visit several others of our older soldiers and also visit with one of our sisters who is from American Somoa. We invited her to come out to our activities and make her stay her more memorable. We felt good about our work that we accomplished this morning.

Then this afternoon, we attended a baptism for two individuals out in the Grovetown ward. One young lady who married a member of the church last summer serves in the Navy, she and her husband, who serves in the Army, will have to figure something out eventually so they can stay together. Also baptized, was a young man who has been living with them who is also in the Army. It was a real nice baptismal service.

After the baptismal service, we drove out to see Sister Stott; she is an accountant, so currently she is very busy. She was not at home, but her sister was there holding down the fort. It is going to be difficult to see her during this busy time of the year. We then drove out to see Sister Westbrook; we knocked on her door and realized when she answered that she had been asleep; she told us she is now working nights. We visited for a moment and then let her get back to bed. Oops!

This evening we had a nice visit with Brother KC Sanders, along with Brother Haderly who is his Home Teacher. We had a good discussion about very deceitful stuff he has found on the internet, and encouraged him to prayerfully study the scriptures, not the stuff on the internet. We also visit Brother Smidt and Brother Beck who are both here going through a couple of months of training. It is wonderful to meet these fine people who have strong testimonies of the gospel and who have made their relationship with Heavenly Father a priority in their lives.

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