Monday, February 17, 2014

This morning, we continued our assistance to the people of Augusta with the cleanup of their yards. We all met at the church at 0900 with people on our list who needed assistance. Brother Eller, a member of the Bishopric stated he had a sister in mind who he had heard needed assistance, but when we got up to her house, there was no work that needed to be done, in fact she didn't even have any trees in her yard. Elder Gowans told them he had a lady who could really use our assistance, her husband being away in Afghanistan. So we drove out to her house and found her home; there was indeed a great deal of work that needed our attention. They live on four acres of very wooded property and there was a lot of damage to the trees in the yard and along the drive way; there was also a large branch on top of their shop way back in the lot behind the house. We spent about 2 1/2 hours dragging broken tree limbs, cutting down damaged trees that were bent well over the driveway all out to the street side where the county said they would come by and pick up all the debris. Sister Malcom, was very appreciative of all the effort we put in to getting it all taken care of. She would never have been able to get it all cleaned up her self. Present with us was Brother Eller and his daughter and the daughter's girl friend; Brother and Sister Drainsfield and Brother Beck, a young man who is here TDY for training.

This afternoon, after lunch, Sister Gowans attended her second PT session. she will have a session 3 days a week for a while.

Finally, this evening we enjoyed a fun FHE with the Esteps, Brother Beck, Brother Bryson, Brother Wolfe and Sister Lonsberry.

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