Monday, February 10, 2014

This morning, Sister Gowans got all ready to go do her Red Cross service and at the last minute backed out, feeling too much pain in her knee. So Elder Gowans went and took care of his servcie and afterward, after returning home, he took Sister Gowans to her first physical therepy appointment; she will go 3 times a week for the next 6 weeks if need be. She is still experiencing a lot of pain and swelling and some nausea from time-to-time.

After our visit to the physical therepist, Elder Gowans was able to use the final 3 hours of the afternoon to come up with a first good draft of an outline for institute on Friday. He sure is grateful for the Spirit of the Lord who inspires him in the construction of these lessons.

This evening, we had a real good FHE. We had two knew soldiers come out, Brother Beck who is here for two months of NCO Accademy and Brother Wolfe who just arrived; he is permanent party and is a linguist. We always appreciate those who come out and support our Branch programs.

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