Thursday, February 20, 2014

This morning, we attended to all our domestic needs after which, we drove into Grovetown to visit with Sister Malcom. We were going to get a photo of her, but neglected to do that, but we did photos of her house and all the tree debris that we removed on Monday. On the drive up we wondered if a bush had been trimmed back that was bent over her yard. She had asked us to trim it back so it wouldn't hang over the lawn; upon our arrival we saw that it had not been trimmed back. She heard us drive up and came out to meet us. Elder Gowans asked her if she had her trimmer handy and that he would trim the bush while her and Sister Gowans visited. At first she refused since Elder Gowans was in his suit, but he insisted so she opened the garage door and he got the trimmer and went right to it. It took about 15 minutes to trim the bush and then drag all the limbs out to the curb. After going back inside, Sister Malcom was talking about a jewelry box that her husband had ordered and sent to her, but that when it arrived it the doors were broken; so they called and reported the breakage and when the second one came, it too, had broken doors. So Elder Gowans got up and examined it. It stands about 4' tall and has drawers in front, then on the sides it has two doors that open up reveling an area to hand necklaces and so forth. Well, the hinge on one door was completely inoperative. It was missing the center shaft that the hinge hinges around. The other 3 hinges were all poorly mounted and the screws had cracked the wood upon the initial hole being bored. Thus they were not holding the hinge in place and the doors wobbled when opened. Elder Gowans asked Sister Malcom if she had a phillips screw driver and some glue. He removed all the screws and then placed a little glue on the end of each screw and replaced the screws. He then had a brilliant idea inspired by Sister Malcom's talking about the first box that came. He went out and removed a good hinge off the first box and then replaced the defective hinge on the 2nd box. Within about 30 minutes or so, he had the 2nd box all fixed up and usable for her. She was already to call the company and tell them to come pick up both boxes, that she was fed up and through with them. So fortunately we were there to assist and help. Here are some photos of her yard and house.
 Where the broken tree stump is, there were several trees in there we had to remove as they were bent well over the driveway.
 This is the left end of a large workshop. If you look closely you can see a limb pointing down to the right. Elder Gowans had to climb up onto the roof and trim several branches back that had crashed down on top of the building. It was also covered with dirt and pine needles you can see on the ground. 

 The right end of the building. 
 This tree was completely broken down by the ice storm.
 A beautiful home.
 Here is all the debris we hauled out last Monday. 

After we finished our visit at the Malcomb's we drove all the way from Grovetown down to old Augusta clear down by the Savannah river. We visited with a new fellow and his wife and son. We learned that he just got out of the Army and was waiting for a job to open up on Post, but it was taking a long time for things to get worked out. He has a cute  little family; we had a nice visit with them and encouraged them to remain patient, faithful and that Heavenly Father will work out everything for their good.

From there we went back to Post and had a very nice visit with Sister Lonsberry. While there the cell phone started ringing off the hook; we tried to ignore it since we were in the appointment. But then one text message caught Elder Gowans' eye, "Your apartment has been burglarized". We continued our visit and gave her our message and then departed. We made some phone calls on the way back and learned that someone had kicked the door in. They went through our apartment, but apparently found nothing of value or nothing they wanted. Thank goodness they didn't take our computer. Heavenly Father was definitely watching over us and our apartment tonight! Thank you for watching over us and protecting our goods! We love you!

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