Saturday, February 1, 2014

This morning, we left a little later than normal to go up to post with the hope that it would warm up some. We had a nice visit with several of our soldiers in B-447; we still have 7 soldiers in this single company. From there we went to find our female soldiers over in the 369; we found one, the other two were probably involved in their finance briefing; we never could get them to respond to our text messages. Hopefully they will be out to church tomorrow. From there we went to see Brother Larsen and to find a new fellow who had just arrived yesterday, Brother Aaron Simpson. He and Brother Larsen are in the same Battalion, but different platoons; Brother Larsen will be graduating soon, so Brother Simpson will be without a good LDS battle buddy in a week and a half. When we met with him, we told him that we would do everything we could to ensure that he could get to church. He was very happy to hear that; I'm confident that Brother Simpson will be one of our fine, active members.

Upon returning home, Elder Gowans took the young Elders over to see Tony Watson. Tony is getting over the death of his wife. He had written a letter to us that contained his feelings and questions, which we read. All his questions and feelings could be addressed through a good discussion of the Plan of Salvation; so that is what we did is taught him that through God's plan for us we can have hope in the future and we can also grow to love God with a deep love as we come to know how truly merciful and just He truly is. We spent quite a bit of time teaching him that he, through the ordinances of the Gospel, can be sealed to his wife through all eternity; that love was not meant to die at death nor were our relationships meant to end at death either. We left him with a wonderful spirit in the home. He promised that he would pray about the teachings that we left him.

Upon our return home to the apartment, we found that our neighbor, Elane and her husband was moving out. The three of us offered to help and they readily accepted; so for the next two hours or so we assisted in loading up their U-Haul; we'd never seen so much crowed into such a small 2 bedroom apartment! We think she had 4 TVs in there!

After helping with the move, we ate our lunch and then ran the Elders over to the church so they could prepare for Billie Wilson's baptism. Here are a couple of photos:
 This is Elder Hatch and Brother Wilson
This is Roberta and Sister Meacham; Roberta was baptized about 2 months ago. She is the lady who is Rosalee's age and has a teenage son and an infant at home. What would we do without the gift of repentance!

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