Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This morning we spent some time catching up on administrivia, such as bank accounts, bill paying, that sort of thing. Then this afternoon, Elder Gowans attend the monthly RSO meeting, or as he says, the Chaplains' Meeting. In this meeting they review every faith group and have any discussion necessary about what they are doing to minister to their people. Interestingly enough, most all the other churches do things to entice people to come out; bands, t-shirts, and other such things. We are the only ones that we know of who go out and minister to the individual one-on-one and extend an invitation to come out and participate; no bands and no t-shirts.

This evening, we had a nice visit with Brother Lund who is here on training; we talked a lot about his family; he admires his wife and her ability to manage the house, children, job and a primary calling, all involving 8 year olds.

After a nice visit with Brother Lund, we visited with the Olson family. They have 4 very busy children, 3 boys and a girl. They have purchased some property out in the Waynesboro Ward area and so will soon be moving out. He is a private pilot, he owns his own experimental aircraft and hopes to have a job in aviation once he retires. He and his wife met while both were at Monterrey, CA in language school; she was Navy, he was Air Force. She eventually separated after 7 years of service.

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