Saturday, February 8, 2014

This morning, Elder Gowans, Brother and Sister Shault and the Esteps escorted our soldiers up to the Columbia, SC Temple. We had 12 total people attend; it was a wonderful turnout. Brother Johnson had prepared himself to go over the past two months, then suddenly he is told he can't go. Elder Gowans felt prompted to go by his barracks and ask the desk Sargent if it would be permissable for him to go. They actually called the commander and he gave permission to go. This was his first time attending the temple, it was a great experience for him.

 From left to right, Elder Gowans, Brother Hancock, Brother Johnson, Brother Moore, Brother Mardanlou and Brother Barnes. The temple is in the background, taken from the Bookstore parking lot. 
On our way home from the temple, Elder Gowans received a phone call from Brother Steimle asking if he knew of anyone who could assist a friend of his, a permant party member of the church who just arrived on post get a car. Elder Gowans told him he would help him. He called the Meachams to see if they were any where near Sister Gowans, they happened to be right there. So he asked her how she was, she said she was doing fine. He told her he was going to help this young man get a car. Unfortunately, it took 7 to 8 hours. The young man, Charles, did get himself a nice car. Sister Gowans is resting in bed. She has been having some nausia, hopefully tomorrow she will feel better.

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