Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This morning, we attended the annual Prayer Breakfast here at Fort Gordon. It was very well attended and the command chaplain did a fine job in delivering the address to the group. We were joined at our table by the Esteps, Sister Arnett, Brother Allen, Brother Woodley, Sister Amidan, the Shoults and then one lady who none of us new, but with whom we enjoyed a nice visit with.

After the Prayer Breakfast, we drove to the library and was able to fit in a little over 3 hours of service.

This afternoon, Sister Gowans had another session of PT and after that we headed back to post for Brother Warner's and a nonmember friend, Brother Beach's graduation. As always, it will be sad to see Brother Warner go, but we are excited for him to get back to his new wife; they've been together only a few months in the year they've been married.

 Brother Warner is on the  right; his battle buddy Private Lee, we just met today. Brother Warner was very active in coming out to church nearly every week he was here. We will miss him.
Brother Beach is on the right, he is not a member of the church, but he was raised with LDS standards; he said keep after him to come to church, so we did, but still he never did come out. We wish him all the best. His battle buddy on the left we just met today also. 

After graduation, we stopped in to see Sister Dixon and then Brother Campbell to see how they are doing. Both seem well in particular circumstances of life at this time.

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