Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Today has been one of those days that you wonder if anything will go right! This morning after an abbreviated workout and breakfast, we headed to the hospital for Sister Gowans' Pre-op appointment. We thought, "Certainly it won't be more than an hour or two." Well, 6 hours later, we finally finish up. Six hours of Pre-op for a 25 minutes procedure. How ridiculous is that? So during that 6 hours, we missed our District Development Meeting.

We had planned on doing our grocery shopping this afternoon; so after we finished up at the hospital and wishing we had brought the grocery list with us, we dashed home for a late lunch, picked up the grocery list and then headed back to post. We didn't have time to get to all the shopping, but we got what we needed to last us to Friday. After returning home, we then received a text from our 7:30 appointment cancelling due to a late work day and then we got a phone call from our 6:00 appointment stating he may not make it home due to an extra detail. We said we would go up and visit with his family until he returned home. He arrived at 7:10; so we had a quick introduction to his Home Teacher, which was our purpose in visiting, to introduce home teachers to the family.

It was a very chopped up day, but we survived. Sister Gowans' surgery will be on Thursday, but we won't know the time until Wednesday afternoon.

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