Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We have had a very full day! This morning, we attended our weekly DDM; during the DDM we were challenged to visit a member and role play with them how they would introduce the gospel to a friend. Since we had two appointments tonight with members, we decided we would take that challenge out with us and accomplish the task. However, before that, this afternoon we had a real nice visit with sister Mitton our friend from North Augusta. She came by the apartment for a visit and to catch us up on the things going on in her life. After the visit, Elder Gowans gave her a blessing and we said our goodbyes.

Sister Mitton

So this evening, we had a nice visit with Brother Halford; we challenged him to role play with us and he did a great job. We then visited Sister Marzolf while on the way up to see Sister Arnett. Sister Marzolf's husband is in Alaska for a while doing cold soak testing on some equipment that is in development. After our visit with her, we went on up to see Vickie; we challenged her to do the same role play and she did a great job too. We had a wonderful day and look forward to tomorrow's eventful day.

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