Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Early this afternoon we met with sister Westbrook, our newest convert. We have been teaching her the new member lessons. We talked at length with her about the Priesthood, the offices in the priesthood, the auxiliaries and so forth. It is always nice to visit with her. We will see her again tomorrow.

Later in the afternoon we had a short visit with Sister Mitton, it is her family we have met with several times to help them through a difficult situation. She took us over to the New Hope church where she and her children do a lot of clothes shopping. One of the pastures was raised by an LDS family in Layton, UT; how did he become a Pasture for a church clear out in Georgia? Good question. After our visit there, we drove over to the Murray's home. They are the family where dad/husband will deploy soon. He has suffered some terrible anxiety over this, his first, deployment. We found them all well, dad is TDY for training currently, but will be back soon and then off again for one more training TDY and then back for the final time for deployment.

This evening Elder Gowans had Presidency meeting. It was productive and well used time.

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