Monday, December 10, 2012

Many thank yous to all our family and friends for all your wonderful birthday greetings; it is the best part of the day when your phone calls come and we have the opportunity to talk to all of you. We love you very much.

Yesterday evening we read a post on our Ward's facebook page by one of our members asking for help with a dishwasher that wouldn't drain. Elder Gowans wrote a message to them saying he would come up and take a look. He did so and found nothing in the hose and a slight clog in the connection to the disposal, but then he found a lot of old mushrooms in the trap in the bottom of the dishwasher. We then put it all back together, ran it through the rinse cycle and it worked fine.

We had a fun FHE this evening, we had 12 people there this evening. Sister Salas said that when they first started holding it, the only people there were her and the prior missionary couple. It has grown into a fun event. We had to leave early and go assist in giving a blessing. Brother Tracy, a young Elder in the ward, called and asked for my assistance. He has little experience in giving blessings, but with a little coaching he was voice to a very good blessing. It is wonderful to see young Elders grow and blossom in the gospel .

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