Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This morning Sister Gowans had a doctor's appointment to determine if she needed a sleep test; after consultation with the doctor, he decided to leave it up to us. Obviously nothing serious pointing to a need. So Sister Gowans decided to go ahead and do it. She will have this done in January.

After the appointment, we went and picked up the Elders for our DDM, which we held up at the Friendship Chapel on Post. After the meeting was completed we practiced the skit that we will do for our Mission Christmas party. It needs a lot of work.

This afternoon we worked for 2 or 3 hours on the institute lesson. We will be discussing the First Vision. It really needs to be a spiritual lesson. After all, we will be discussing a very sacred event. It would be wonderful if everyone went away feeling uplifted with testimonies renewed.

This evening Elder Gowans attended Branch Presidency meeting. We met for two hours discussing all sorts of policy and procedures. Only President Estep gave agenda items to Elder Gowans; in the future no one gets to bring up items that are not on the agenda. Elder Gowans will have to play the hard guy! NO! :)

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