Saturday, December 22, 2012

This morning around 0900 we drove out to the east side of Augusta and began delivering Christmas cards along with a personal message of love and gratitude for each family. We went from their to North Augusta, SC and from their back to Augusta where we spent the majority of the day. At lunch time we ate a small lunch at Chili's. We didn't count how many we delivered, but I would guess around 50 or so. From Augusta we drove on into Grovetown. We found most people home, we had to tape the card to about a dozen homes since they weren't home. We enjoyed our quick visits. We stayed and visited a little longer at a few homes, but most was quick, right on the door step. It was good to reacquaint ourselves with many, remind ourselves of where they live, and even what they look like. Often we both remembered different things about each family and often we would make the comment that we didn't realize that this is where we were or that we didn't realize how this looked in the day light. We had a good time.

More photos!

 Missionaries knocking on doors: Above, knocking into a party; below knocking on Scrooge's door
 Scrooge shewed them away and went to sleep

 Scrooge awakened by the ghost of Christmas present, warning him that he had better listen to the missionaries.
 Scrooge finds the missionaries, requests baptism, is baptized and now knows the true meaning of Christmas and wishes all a Merry and white Christmas; they all then sing, White Christmas.

 Shots from a couple of other skits.

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