Friday, December 14, 2012

This morning 3 of our 2nd LTs graduated from Basic Lieutenant Officer Course. They have been here several  months and it will be difficult to see them go. They have been active in Church, Institute and Family Home Evening. We will miss their activity and friendship. Here are some photos of them.
 George and Tiana Allred. They are from Cedar City. She accompanied him through the 6 months of his class. She is 5 months pregnant, so Fort Gordon was good to them.
 Brother Russell and his wife. She stayed home with their 4 children; he was here by himself for the entire course.
Brother Wallock and his wife were here together for his entire course. She was also involved in an internship and her graduation from BYU-I was today; so she was there he was here, so mom came out to support him.

This evening we had a wonderful institute class built around Joseph Smith and his remarkable young life. We examined his early history, his character, his confusion over religion, and his discovery of the truth.

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