Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This morning we awoke early, 0300, to take Brother Harrington to the airport, it is about a 15 minute drive away. His plane left about 0530. It was great to see him finally be able to finish up and go home, but we will miss him very much; he has become like one of our own sons! After returning home Elder Gowans was able to return to bed for about an hour, but it was a sleepless hour.

We arose just before 0600 to prepare to meet the young missionaries at the church to drive them up to Lexington, SC for our Zone Christmas Conference. The morning was filled with training and and a couple of talks; one by the local Stake President who is a CES employee, so you can imagine that was a pretty interesting talk and then the other by a friend of the Holms who has just received a call from the 1st Presidency to serve as a Mission President in a Spanish speaking mission somewhere in the world. The afternoon was filled with lunch and fun skits produced by each missionary district. They were a lot of fun. Then we ended with two short talks from President and Sister Holm and then we sang Christmas Hymns for about 30 minutes.

After returning home from the Conference we dashed up to the Post to do our 4 hours of service, serving many of the service men and women who were assisting the hundreds of AIT students to the airport for Holiday Block Leave.

The following are some photos from the Christmas Conference and the dinner we helped serve.

 The one above and below is from our district's skit. The above photo was 4 missionaries who had trouble focusing on their morning studies because it was near Christmas. Below, I was Mr. Scrooge. Elder Schwartz was the Ghost of Christmas present, warning me I'd better talk to those missionaries who knocked on my door.

 Another skit
And a story reading.
 Soldiers eating dinner at the Friendship Chapel. Many were helping AIT students leave for the holidays, so they would come eat dinner here while waiting for their next trip to the Airport.

 The serving table. Sister Gowans and I did most of the serving.

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