Sunday, December 2, 2012

It has been a very full day! After attending the Grovetown services this morning, we headed up to Post and ended up having to pick up 6 of our students, we were busy, but walked in 30 seconds before church began.

This evening we had the opportunity to visit 2 more families. The first one was by appointment and the second just lived a couple of minutes away, but was a drop in. Their phone had been disconnected so we dropped in for a visit while in the area. We found out that he is a dental student studying endodontics. School had become so intense that he sent his wife and 3 children back to Utah for the summer so he could concentrate completely on his studies. While in Utah his wife found out she had a huge tumor in her uterus. Needless to say, she and the children are still in Utah while she recovers from the surgery. Apparently all is going well with her recovery. They are now trying to decide what would be best to do for the family, leave them there a while longer or drive them back out to Georgia. Jacob, he is a graduate of Case Western...class of 2008, Steven Campbell.

We enjoyed the First Presidency Devotional this evening; all the messages were very inspiring.

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