Monday, December 24, 2012

This morning we finished our delivery of Christmas cards and our Christmas message to our military families. Included in this small group was two families whom we had yet had the opportunity to meet. The first family, simply busy with life, always failed to get back to us and seemed never around to answer the phone when we called. However, they were very willing for us to come by and visit in the near future. The second family, the husband works at Fort Bragg and then comes home on the weekends. He said they will be moving to Colorado Springs come spring time. They were very willing to have us come by, in fact we made an appointment with them for two weeks down the road.

This afternoon we went to a Christmas Eve party at the Fordham residence; we were there along with several other families. We ate a lot of "finger food" played  some fun games and then visited for a while and then headed home where we awaited some skype time with our children. Rosalee and David helped us join in the Neal Christmas Eve party by bringing along their new tablet by which means they could get internet connection and we could talk and visit with many of the family members. It was nice to visit with many of our family whom we love.

Here are some photos of today's events:

The Fordhams,our host family; they also hosted the Thanksgiving party we told you about last month.
The Norris family

 Sister Norris made this wonderful vegetable Christmas tree. The dipping sauce was underneath the vegetables.

One of the games we played required us to stack 5 apples on top of each other.  You can see the progress below.

 The Kendall family, Former Army now Civilian contractor
  These two families are friends and neighbors of the Fordhams.

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