Friday, December 21, 2012

This evening we went out to eat at a place called Bobby's BBQ up in Aiken. While there and about the time we were all finishing eating Elder Gowans received a phone call from Elder Tippetts one of our Augusta Ward Missionaries. He said he received a call from a lady whose fiance was in ICU and was asking for a blessing for him. After our drive back, we stopped at the Estep's house to drop everyone off; while there Sister Estep who had been suffering from the flu earlier in the week requested a blessing and then one of the other ladies also requested one. So, before we went to the hospital we gave two blessings.  President Estep and Elder Gowans then left for the hospital to find this Brother Nap. We finally found him and administered to him.

On the way home Elder Gowans called Elder Tippetts to ask him how they got his number. In the course of our discussion we learned that the fiance and this Brother Nap had, many months ago, been meeting with our predecessor, the Atkinsons. She, the fiance, called them, they gave her a number, which happened to be the phone that Elder Tippetts had, which used to be the Zone Leader's phone. So he called us and that is how it all came to pass. We will be following up with him and her to see how they are doing and find out who is the member and who is not, or if they both are, or what their current status is.

Here are some more photos:

 Sister Brand
 Sister Rothman
 Our new missionary couple who just arrived the day before the Conference. They used to own a stationary store in the ZCMI mall and were my brother Mike's boss.
 Sister Gardner, could be a relative.
 A crowded hall of missionaries.
 A quartet.
 Two of our sisters
 Above and below are three photos of our district's skit. It was a combination of "A Christmas Carol" and "A Charlie Brown Christmas".

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