Monday, December 17, 2012

This evening over 500 young men and women graduated from their AIT training. We had 8 young men and women graduate. We believe that some must have gone home earlier for we could not find them among the graduates.
 John Baker and Jacob Harrington. Jacob arrived for training clear back in July, however due to medical issues he faced he was 'recycled' or held back to later classes. He was most faithful attending most all of our activities. Elder Gowans ordained him an Elder back at our stake conference. He is hoping to serve a mission next year. Brother Baker arrived after Jacob, he brought his wife out and they both were very active also. We enjoyed their faithfulness at most of the activities, too.
 Brother Dransfied. We got to know him and then his wife came out to live here. They moved up north and so we didn't see him very often, but he will be stationed here so I'm sure we will see them around from time-to-time.
Brother Requenez, a very faithful young man. Great desires to be obedient and do all that Heavenly Father wants him to do.
We love all these young men. After graduation several of us went to Olive Garden to celebrate their success.

 John's wife Aurora.
Us and Jacob. He is so happy to be going home.

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