Wednesday, December 5, 2012

From our recent service at the Post Library, it appears that our main function over the foreseeable future will be inventorying books, CDs, DVDs and so forth. Each item has a bar code that we scan using a hand-held scanner. It connects to the internet and then to the main library computer; sometimes it works rather slowly and so it can be frustrating; other times it updates the book's status almost as rapidly as we can pull the book, scan the bar code and replace the book. We can move along pretty rapidly. Several months ago we had been given the task to inventory all the DVDs; we did so and these past two weeks we started over with the DVDs; then we moved into the children's room and began to inventory those books once again.

This afternoon we attended a graduation ceremony for the 73rd Ordinance Battalion. It was our first time. We had our first soldier graduate from this battalion. We will have several more over the next two months or so. The graduation was held in the Friendship chapel where we attend church. Having observed the graduation and seeing some of the irreverence that occurs from time-to-time, I am happy that we do not have those kind of things in our LDS chapels.

This evening we had a real nice dinner with the Mack Family. They are one of those families that most anyone could get along with real well; a delightful family. The oldest child is only 4, then they have a 2 year old and a toddler.
Brother McKinney, a real nice young man. I had to tell him it was okay to smile.

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