Sunday, December 9, 2012

Well, today a miracle happened! We had a great turnout in our branch this afternoon. Nearly 1/3 of our students came out to church today. On any typical Sunday we may have 1/5 of our students come out. In fact we had nearly 50 total at our sacrament meeting. I think the most we have ever had is ~30. We feel very blessed to have such a fine group. After our services ended we had our Christmas Exit Dinner, which was well attended and can you believe, all the food was eaten! No one took any food home.

We left Grovetown ward early so we could cook our portion of the above mentioned dinner. We cooked up the Sweet Potato Casserole. We also brought rolls and butter. They served turkey, ham and pot roast along with several different casseroles, vegetables and many deserts. It was a very fine afternoon.

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