Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Currently the Post Library is undergoing some major renovations, so our service time there is kind of limited. We were able to go in and serve today amidst the noise and hustle and bustle of many workers doing many things. For now we will be on phone standby, if they think we will be able to get some things done, then they will call us in.

This evening we continued our Home Teaching of Branch members. We visited Brother and Sister Halford who serves as the 2nd councilor if I am not mistaken. We visited for about 50 minutes and then went up and visited a fairly new family in the Grovetown Ward, the Andrew Johnson family. He is a linguist like so many other of our members here in the area. At Fort Gordon there is an NSA group, which employs thousands of linguists, analysts and so forth. They have a lovely family, 2 children and have lived in the area since September. They hope to return to Arizona in about 2 years where they plan on retiring.

Afterward we dropped in on the Stock family to make sure they were doing all right. They are the ones who just moved into a new home and so we have helped them in the moving process with packing, moving, cleaning and so forth. We are so happy to be able to serve them.

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