Saturday, January 5, 2013

We have had a real fine day today. As stated earlier, our soldiers are all back in town. We heard one Platoon Sargent say, "Thank goodness they are all back safe". We suppose from that remark, that in the past they have had some accidents and deaths over the holidays; so we suppose that nothing like that happened this year. We got out to post a little after 0800 this morning and started off on the eastern most end of the long row of barracks and worked our way west. We met 3 of 4 of our newly arrived soldiers, the fourth one we found out where he resides, but he had checked out. We were able to find most of our soldiers and visit with them for a few minutes, see how there Christmas went and welcome them back. Then we went over to the 73rd ORD BTL and met up with 3 of the 5 of our soldiers there. So it was a very successful morning.

We then dashed home, ate lunch and left to go pick up the Elders for our afternoon appointments with them. We started off visiting the Escobido family. We had a real nice visit with them and had the opportunity to talk about the Book of Mormon, its purpose, its testimony of the Savior and so forth. We had a good Spirit there; we believe they came to a real fine understanding of the little lesson we gave them.

From there we went to visit a very old fella (64), 64 may not be too old, but his body looked as if it had seen 84 years. He told us some real interesting stories; one was about a son he never knew he had. The two of them just happened to meet by chance at an H&R Block office. Anyway, we talked for about an hour and then moved on to the next appointment. The man, Johnie, was not there, but another fellow was. We told him we were missionaries and asked him if he had a copy of the Book of Mormon, he said no, so we gave him a copy. He began to read it as we were leaving.

Our last appointment of the day was with George. The young missionaries had met with him once when they told us about him. We asked if we could come with them to teach him the next time. Well, the next time just about fell through, but miraculously, it pulled through. So we met with him and thereafter the missionaries, both, were transferred; that left us to bridge the gap. Our new Elders did a great job teaching him tonight and he committed to reading the Book Of Mormon, praying about it and coming to church tomorrow. It was an incredibly good meeting.

The last thing we did was take fliers of our next FRG around to all the missionary apartments to give to the military families in their wards. It has been a great and productive day! We love days like this!

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