Thursday, January 24, 2013

This afternoon we took the young missionaries out to visit a lady named Catherine. She has been living with her daughter and 4 children for the past 10 months or so while her husband is deployed. Also, living there is her aged mother who is on her last weeks of life. She has been the primary care giver of her mother, her grandmother and father over the past 20 years; now only her mother remains alive. At the same time, she  has been caring for her grandchildren so mom can work, she is army, too. While we visited, she expressed to us that just that day she knew she had had enough. She no longer as the strength and stamina to care for her mother so she called her case worker and they will arrange to place her in a nursing home. She receives no support from her siblings. We were there, we learned, to give her comfort and solace about her decision. She was able to talk for nearly an hour and off load all her feelings. Sometimes it is just good to sit and be a good listener.

This evening we visited the Patchett family; a new family who has recently moved into the ward. He was one of our AIT students and was assigned here at Fort Gordon. After visiting with them we dropped in on the Ledbetter family, he is in the Navy and we learned that he will deploy again in July. Also while there, we learned that a family who we had been looking for lives right next door. We walked over and knocked on the door, but unfortunately no one was home. At least we know where they are. After our attempt there, we went to visit Brother DeLong. He is a convert to the church a few years back, but had become less active in his attendance. He is a wonderful, loving fellow. We had the opportunity to present our Rock lesson to him. Someday wewill show it to all our faithful readers. We had a nice visit and was able to help him with some questions about the Priesthood and help him get on line to buy some new scriptures and just have a good visit.

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