Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This evening we had wonderful visits with Sean Sullivan, the young man who called and asked for a visit because he wants to get back active in the church. We left him with a message to dive back into the scriptures and to be prayerful everyday; we also told him that we looked forward to seeing him at church and he said, "Sure thing, 9 am". 

The we went and had a real nice visit with George. He is a real fine fellow, we love visiting him; he is one who has truly been prepared to hear the message of the gospel. We left him the challenge to read Enos after we discussed with him a couple of verses out of the 12th chapter of Ether. 

Then we went on to see the Slack family. Another great family whom we love. Sister Slack is a beautiful Polynesian lady and Brother Slack, as far as we know is  not a member, but a wonderful fellow who is a great husband to Marie. We made this a home teaching visit until we can find out who their home teachers really are. 

Afterwards, we stopped off at the Post Hospital to give a fellow a blessing who is in the ICU. President Estep and I had given him a blessing about a month ago, but his condition has worsened. He looked very bad. Elder Dixon and I administered to him and then left; we will have to keep an eye on him. 

This morning we took a little road trip out to Edgefield, SC. It is also called the Town of 10 Governors. We walked up and down several roads looking at the old southern mansions and drove by others. We visited some shops and had lunch at a cute little place called, "Chief Bob's Cafe". It was very tasty, very well done.
We also visited the National Wild Turkey Federation. 
 The Discovery Center

 Some great old homes, several were for sale.

 Chief Bob's Cafe
 The Magnolia Dale
 A couple of photos from the National Wild Turkey Federation

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