Saturday, January 19, 2013

We love Saturdays! They are so full of wonderful achievements! They are always testimony building days; by the end of the day we know Heavenly Father has been with us, blessed us and inspired us in all our activities.

This morning we began our normal visit of our AIT students. The first couple of barracks we visited we didn't have any success in finding who we were looking for. We looked for Sister Lane, she was not in her room, we looked for Brother Jessop, but he was gone also. The thought came to us, "We are not going to have a successful day". Then the thought came saying, "Keep going, you are out and about, good things always happen when you are out!" So on we went. Immediately we began to have success in finding the students we went to see. On Friday night we received an email stating that we had two new students who would be arriving today, but there was not any information on where to contact them. So we decided that we would try the 551st BTL. We walked over to B Company, walked in the door and there was a new group of new students standing at the CQ's desk.We looked at one name tag and read, "Bailey", that was one of the new soldiers we were looking for. Then we looked again and read, "Edwards", that was the other new soldier we were looking for. We said, Hey Private Bailey, hey Private Edwards, we came looking for you two", so they walked over and we introduced ourselves and gave them our short explanation of who we are, where and what time church is, invited them to come and welcomed them to Fort Gordon. Quite often, we have such experiences where you know that Heavenly Father has led us to find those who need to be found. In one company, we found all 4 of our LDS soldiers who are billeted there. By the end of the morning, we spoke and visited with 13 of our soldiers. We even found Sister Lane on her way back from chow and Brother Jessop after his morning formation.

At that point we left the Post and headed down to pick up our younger missionaries. We took them to visit two investigators who are on date to be baptized. We found them at home, gave them encouragement, left them with a thought and a prayer and went on to find some other folks. At that point, one of the Elders, received a text message from a less active member that none of us had ever heard of. His name is Sean Sullivan. He asked us to come visit him, left his address and so after lunch, we went and looked him up. We found him at home and had a nice visit with him. Invited him out to church and then said our goodbyes. It was his birthday that day and he had plans to go out. We then left to go visit another lady who had been studying the gospel at one time, but had been dropped. We found her home, she invited us in and we had a nice visit with her; she even scheduled a return appointment with the young missionaries.

We had a real nice dinner appointment with the Norris family and from there we went to the church for our FRG. Twelve of our sisters came from throughout the stake. Not a great turn out, but an enthusiastic one. They all agreed to bring another friend out with them next month. This was a real good meeting from which a good nucleus will form that will grow and envelop many more sisters.

It has been a wonderful day!

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