Saturday, January 26, 2013

This morning we had another little miracle occur, similar to last week. We received notice of a new soldier coming our way who had just graduated from Basic Training by the name of MacInnes. Again, we had no idea where to find him, so we tried our best educated guess. They said he wasn't there, but we should try the next company over. We went there too, and they said try the one we had just come from. Well, we could see where that was going, but we did go back over that way and low and behold we see the soldier sitting on a bench with a battle buddy. We introduce ourselves and he introduces himself. He seemed happy to meet us. We told him of our services, when and where they are; hopefully he will come out. We sought out another fellow and as we were talking with him we felt the urge to ask him why he had never come out, he said he never had the urge. Well, we invited him again and told him we hoped that he would come out. We were able to meet up with 5 of our soldiers; we didn't seek out too many today, we wanted to find those who we hadn't seen in a while.

This afternoon we took the younger missionaries and went out and met up with George, our great friend who has found great satisfaction in all that we have taught him. We hope he will tell us soon when he would like to be baptized; he stated that he does have a testimony, he just wants to learn a little more.

This evening we met the Kilcullen family. We had a nice visit with them. He is not a member, she is. Both were very nice. He supports her church attendance and will go with her most every week. The attend the Harlem ward. Then we drove to the Post and met the Campbell family. The younger missionaries helped us move them in about 2 weeks ago. We had a very enjoyable visit with them, in fact, we learned that back in the early 2000s they lived just to the east of us in the Chelsie Park area.

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