Thursday, January 17, 2013

Early this afternoon, we received a phone call from Sister Holm asking if we could go up to Aiken and visit an Elder who was sick with food poisoning. The call came just at the right time because we had just finished up the laundry. So we got dressed and out the door we went. We found the two missionaries at home, one well and one not so well. He was in bed; he talked to us a little and we asked him a few questions about what was going on and what he was feeling. We then told him we would go buy some things to help; Gatorade, Sprite, broth, and soup. We returned it to the missionaries and when we got back the ill Elder was not responding to us at all. Elder Gowans felt that there was more wrong with this young man than just food poisoning. So later when we were able to get back in contact with Sister Holm she informed us that they had heard from another missionary in the area that he had not been doing the things he should. So we are sure that is true after what Elder Gowans had felt while there.

After our visit with the two missionaries we dropped in on Sister Ahlers; her husband is away for training before his deployment. We had a chance to visit with her for a while, then gave her a blessing, (she is 6 months pregnant) and then left. We were glad that we were able to see her for a few minutes.

This evening Sister Gowans attended Relief Society and Elder Gowans took our young missionaries out to visit and find several people. We had just about struck out when finally we began to have success in finding people at home.

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