Monday, January 28, 2013

This morning we renewed our service with the Red Cross. It seems we have not been there much lately with all the holidays. Christmas, New Years, Martin Luther King Jr.! We have only been there about every other week for a month. This morning Elder Gowans wheeled out a gentleman who had his fingers operated on, and said that he had just had the fingers on the other hand done a month ago, then he said and I think that it was you that wheeled me out before. Then Elder Gowans remembered, sure enough he had. So we had a good visit while we waited for his wife to come around with the car; Elder Gowans then said to him, "I guess I won't be seeing you here again since you only have two arms!" We had a good laugh over that.

Sister Gowans had the final crown completed on her teeth today. Hopefully there won't be any more needs to have those again.

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